Understanding the Role of VR and Non-VR GPs in Australia



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In the realm of General Practice, the terms “VR GP” and “Non-VR GP” are frequently encountered but may not always be fully understood. Let’s delve into what these designations entail and how they impact medical recruitment in Australia.

What is a VR GP?

A VR GP, or vocationally registered General Practitioner, is a medical professional who has successfully completed Fellowship with either The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). These GPs have undergone rigorous training and assessment to attain their vocational registration.

What is a Non-VR GP?

Conversely, a Non-VR GP refers to a non-vocationally registered General Practitioner. These doctors have not yet completed Fellowship with RACGP or ACRRM and are still in the process of acquiring their vocational registration.

Distinguishing Between VR and Non-VR GPs:

The primary disparity between VR GPs and Non-VR GPs lies in the completion of Fellowship and the associated privileges and restrictions.

VR GPs, having achieved Fellowship, enjoy broader scope in terms of where they can practice. They are eligible to work in both metropolitan and rural areas, subject to any additional restrictions such as 19AB.

Non-VR GPs, on the other hand, typically have limitations on their practice locations. They are often encouraged to work in rural areas, unless they hold a visa permitting practice in metropolitan areas classified as Districts of Workforce Shortage (DWS) or Distribution Priority Areas (DPA). Additionally, Non-VR GPs can only access VR / A1 Medicare billing rates if they are enrolled in a GP training program.

Navigating Restrictions for Non-VR GPs:

Non-VR GPs who are Permanent Residents face further restrictions under 19AA. However, they have the opportunity to participate in a GP Training Program, which ultimately leads to Fellowship and full access to Medicare benefits.

For Practice Managers:

Understanding the distinctions between VR and Non-VR GPs is crucial for practice managers seeking to recruit suitable candidates for their clinics. It enables informed decision-making and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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