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Introducing the Pre-Fellowship Program: Your Gateway to Medical Practice in Australia

If you’re an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or a Non-VR doctor seeking to practice in a Distribution Priority Area (DPA) in Australia, the Pre-Fellowship Program (PFP) is your ticket to accessing Medicare and gaining invaluable GP experience. Replacing the More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP), PFP is designed to prepare doctors for Fellowship by offering financial support and additional supervision payments.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pre-Fellowship Program:

Key Differences Between PFP and MDRAP:

PFP offers financial support for IMGs with provisional or limited registration. PFP provides financial support through additional supervision payments for doctors in smaller rural practices. Doctors under PFP can practice in all Distribution Priority Areas (DPAs). Practices under PFP must be accredited under the National General Practice Accreditation (NGPA) Scheme and as a training practice with ACRRM or RACGP. The program duration for PFP is a maximum of 2 years.

Eligibility Criteria for Doctors:

To be eligible for the Pre-Fellowship Program, doctors must:

  • Be non-vocationally registered or an IMG.
  • Be a temporary resident, permanent resident, or Australian citizen.
  • Hold General, Provisional, or Limited AHPRA Registration.
  • Have an offer of employment.
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills and experience for the role.
Eligibility Criteria for Practices:

Practices must:

  • Be located in a Distribution Priority Area.
  • Meet the minimum safety and quality standards under the NGPA Scheme.
  • Be accredited or working towards accreditation as a training practice with ACRRM or RACGP.
  • Provide supervision support – Supervisors of IMGs on limited or provisional registration are eligible to receive payments under PFP.
Program Requirements:

Participants must:

  • Work with the Rural Workforce Agency (RWA) to develop a plan that includes supervision, support, learning, and development.
  • Meet AHPRA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.
  • Review readiness for fellowship training with a medical adviser every 3 months.
  • Apply to a Fellowship program with ACRRM or RACGP at least once a year.
Fellowship Programs Include:
  • Australian General Practice Training program (through ACRRM and RACGP).
  • ACRRM Independent Pathway.
  • ACRRM Rural Generalist Training Scheme.
  • RACGP Fellowship Support Program.
  • Remote Vocational Training Scheme (through Remote Vocational Training Scheme Ltd).
Apply for PFP?

PFP offers valuable GP experience required for Fellowship programs. Participants can work towards general registration or level 2 supervision, making them eligible for approved Fellowship programs.

How to Apply:

To apply for PFP, contact your Rural Workforce Agency (RWA).

New South Wales: NSW Rural Doctors Network

Victoria: Rural Workforce Agency Victoria

Queensland: Health Workforce Queensland

Western Australia: Rural Health West

South Australia: Rural Doctors Workforce Agency

Tasmania: HR Plus

Northern Territory: Northern Territory PHN

RWA Network can assist you with each States requirements

  • Submit necessary documents including registration, employment offer, and supervision arrangements.
  • Await assessment from your RWA, typically within 28 days.
  • Receive a placement outcome and apply for a Medicare provider number.
Supervision During the Program:

Supervision requirements depend on general practice experience. Supervisors of IMGs on limited or provisional registration receive payments from PFP. Financial support is based on supervision level and practice location.

Will I be supervised during the program?

You may be required to have supervision, but it will depend on your general practice experience. The RWAs will conduct a pre-placement review and support the development of an assessment plan that includes the supervision and support requirements.

Please note that supervisors will receive a payment from PFP if they are overseeing an IMG who is on limited or provisional registration.

If the practice is in a small rural area that has doctors with level 1 supervision, then they may also receive support through additional supervision payments. Financial support will be based on the level of supervision and location of the practice.

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