Navigating the Recruitment Process for Doctors:




A Guide for Practice Managers

Recruiting a doctor for your practice is a pivotal decision that requires careful consideration of various factors, including regulatory restrictions and the specific needs of your clinic. Before embarking on this journey, it’s essential to understand the common restrictions in General Practice and the types of doctors you can recruit.

Common Restrictions in General Practice:
  1. 19AB: This restriction applies to International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and requires them to work in a Distribution Priority Area (DPA) for a moratorium of 10 years to access Medicare benefits.
  2. 19AA: Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents who are not yet Fellowed in the Specialization of General Practice with either RACGP or ACRRM they must join a 3GA training program while preparing for Fellowship to access Medicare.
  3. Area of Need: General Practices employing a General Practitioner seeking Limited Registration (Area of Need) require an Area of Need Certificate based on the need for doctors in the area.
Determining Doctor Eligibility:

As a practice manager, it’s crucial to assess a doctor’s eligibility based on their AHPRA registration, residency status, and specialisation.

Here are some examples:
  • A doctor without AHPRA registration may require supervision.
  • Non-Australian resident doctors may require visa sponsorship.
  • Specialists are exempt from participating in training programs.
Types of General Practitioners for Your Practice:
  1. MM 1 Non DPA: Unrestricted Doctors, Specialist AHPRA Registration with a DPA restriction (if exemption available), General AHPRA Registration with a DPA restriction (if exemption available), Limited or Provisional AHPRA Registration with a DPA restriction (if exemption available).
  2. MM 1 DPA: VR Doctors, Non-VR Doctors on Visa (no Health Workforce Certificate required).
  3. MM 2 – 7 Non DPA: Unrestricted Doctors, VR Doctors with 19AB Exemptions, Non-VR Doctors unrestricted by 19AB.
  4. MM 2 – 7 DPA: All Doctors, however they will be require to satisfy 19AB restrictions.
How do you retain a Doctor in your practice?

To retain doctors in your practice, focus on providing competitive perks, support, and opportunities for professional growth.

Here are some tips:
  • Ensure cultural alignment and offer tailored benefits.
  • Provide support with billing and administrative tasks.
  • Promote work-life balance and offer flexible scheduling.
  • Recognise and celebrate doctors’ contributions.

A few of the important things to GPs in our experience are income and support. To encourage your GPs to stick around long term, promote work-life balance, support them in their billings, and ensure you’re giving them the training and back up services (such as nursing or admin support) that they need.

Here are some strategies gleaned from interviewing GPs to retain them in your practice:
Ensure Cultural Fit:

Align your practice’s culture, values, and team dynamics with those of the GP. A harmonious team fosters a positive work environment.

Provide Tailored Perks:

Offer competitive perks and benefits customised to the GP’s experience and qualifications. This may include support with supervision guidance, reflecting their professional needs.

Emphasise Professional Growth:

Highlight opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement. GPs value practices that invest in their ongoing learning and career advancement.

Support Their Work:

Maintain open communication channels by regularly engaging in discussions to address concerns from both parties. Invest in technology systems or allocate resources to assist GPs with billing tasks, ensuring they can focus on patient care.

Prioritise Well-being:

Promote work-life balance by offering flexible scheduling, reasonable work hours, and sufficient time off. Happy and well-rested doctors translate to satisfied patients.

Recognise Achievements:

Celebrate the accomplishments of your GPs. Whether through awards, incentives, or verbal recognition, acknowledging their contributions reinforces their value to the practice and fosters a sense of appreciation.

How We Can Help:

At Medical Centre Jobs, we specialise in guiding medical practitioners and assisting medical facilities in recruiting doctors who best suit their requirements. Whether you need recruitment assistance or document support, we’re here to help.

Book a consultation with us or contact Marama Montgomery phone 045 100 6200 for Recruitment or Assistance. We’re committed to helping you navigate your recruitment journey and optimise your practice’s success.

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