Navigating the Recruitment Journey: Securing General Practitioners in Metropolitan Areas



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Recruiting a General Practitioner (GP) for your metropolitan practice demands meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. With considerations like 19AB and 19AA restrictions, finding the right candidate requires strategic foresight and tailored solutions. Let’s explore the nuanced scenarios and comprehensive options available to ensure a seamless recruitment process that aligns with your practice’s needs.

  1. Unrestricted VR General Practitioner: The ideal candidate for your practice is a VR General Practitioner with no 19AB restrictions or moratorium. Holding permanent residency or Australian citizenship, these GPs seamlessly integrate into your practice, delivering high-quality care without regulatory constraints. An optimal choice for your medical practice is an Unrestricted VR General Practitioner. These GPs, free from 19AB limitations or moratorium, ensuring easy integration into your practice, they provide top-tier medical care unhindered by regulatory constraints.
  2. VR General Practitioner Restricted By 19AB: In instances where your practice lacks a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) or now referred to as a Distribution Priority Area (DPA)classification, hiring a VR General Practitioner restricted by 19AB remains a viable option. However, securing a 19AB exemption becomes imperative. Whether through locum, after-hours, spousal, replacement, or academic exemptions, tailored solutions ensure regulatory compliance while meeting your staffing needs.
  3. Non-VR Doctor on a Visa Restricted By 19AB: Following the removal of Health Workforce Certificates requirements for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) since September 16, 2023, a broader pool of candidates is accessible. Non-VR doctors on visas restricted by 19AB can now be considered in Metropolitan 1 (M1) Non-DPA locations. The same rules apply as the above section “VR General Practitioner Restricted By 19AB” but please note that you will bill A2 Medicare rates. However, navigating A2 Medicare rates necessitates strategic financial planning to ensure operational sustainability.
  4. Restricted General Practitioner (19AA and 19AB): Encountering a General Practitioner restricted by both 19AA and 19AB presents unique challenges. While ineligible for Medicare benefits in metropolitan areas without joining a 3GA program, these GPs can still engage in private billing and facilitate specialist referrals and diagnostic tests through refer and request provider numbers. However patients are not eligible for a Medicare rebate which may mean the Doctors income is hindered.

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From comprehensive document assistance for PESCI, registration, and AHPRA requirements to tailored support for 19AB or 19AA exemptions, our dedicated team streamlines the recruitment journey for both local and internationally trained doctors.

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