Navigating Career Breaks and Moratoriums: What You Need to Know



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One common concern among medical practitioners considering a career break is how it might impact their 10 year moratorium. The good news? Taking a career break won’t affect your moratorium status.

Understanding Moratoriums:

Your moratorium begins from the date of your initial registration in Australia with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). It extends for a period of 10 years from this date, provided you attain Permanent Residency or Citizenship during this timeframe. Working in a rural area can reduce the duration of your moratorium.

Clarifying 19AB Requirements:

It’s crucial to note that the 19AB requirement, which mandates working in a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) location for a period of 10 years (the Moratorium), does not pause, stop, or reset if you take a career break or leave Australia temporarily.

Maintaining Moratorium Status:

While taking a career break won’t impact your moratorium, it’s essential to stay informed about any obligations or requirements associated with your visa status and registration. Keeping abreast of updates and regulations ensures that you can seamlessly transition back into practice when you’re ready.

At Medical Centre Jobs, we understand the intricacies of moratoriums and are here to provide guidance and support throughout your career journey. Whether you’re contemplating a career break or seeking opportunities in rural areas to reduce your moratorium, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate every step of the way. Reach out to us for personalised assistance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Your moratorium journey doesn’t have to be daunting – let us be your trusted partner in achieving your career goals.

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